Johnny Neon ‘Hearts’

A first "person" video shoot from the back of a dog


A music video I made for Johnny Neon after my friend, Will asked me to look after his dog for the weekend.
Shot on GoPro with a custom built rig from soccer shin guard and an H-harness.

With the migration of music videos from MTV to YouTube, Facebook, and just about everywhere else on the Internet, musicians are constantly looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. From shots filmed with hundreds of cameras to stop-motion to guys on treadmills, artists have come up with some pretty impressive stuff in recent years.

Now, South African musician Johnny Neon is reinventing the wheel again with a video for his song “Hearts,” which uses the special videography skills of a dog.

Directed by Dave Meinert, the music video features footage taken with a GoPro camera that was strapped to the back of a happy canine — the pet of Meinert’s friend, Will — who runs around exploring streets, beaches and even the ocean to give us a glimpse of the dog’s life.

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