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Stories That show Us Why Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Dogs will love us forever. Dogs will never leave us. Dogs will always welcome us. Dogs will always be happy to see us. Dogs will be with us no matter how much money we have. Dogs will heal our wounds. Dogs will guard our home. Dogs will protect our kids. Dogs will guard our livestock. Dogs will protect us. Dogs will run with us. Dogs will walk with us. Dogs will swim with us. Dogs will comfort us. Dogs will not judge us. Dog will play with us. Dogs will combat for us. Dogs will save our life. Dogs will guide us in the darkness. Dogs will rescue us. Dogs will always choose us. Dogs will die for us. Dogs will never forget us. Dogs will ask nothing in return. Dogs are pure love. Praise your dog. It’s all what your dog needs.

The following stories talk about how incredible dogs are

12 Amazing Dogs

As the old saying goes dogs are Man's Best Friend. The relationship between humans and dogs dates back for centuries. Dogs have shown the capacity to...

Why do dogs live less than people?

Question: Why do dogs live less than people? Here's the answer: As a veterinarian, I was called to examine a 13-year-old dog. The family...

10 Dogs that were heroes of all times

They're referred to as man's best friend, known for being loyal, and have even risked their lives to save others. In this installment, we're...

Is it true that dogs can recognize a bad person just by smelling them?

Absolutely YES!! And below you will find 4 real cases as good examples. Yes, dogs can sense bad vibes and negative energy. In fact, dogs...

This golden retreiver was dying, and rescued

Fubao was living in a garbage heap. Lost or abandoned by his owners. Weak and ill, was rescued. He barely had strength to stand...