Kisses – My Funny Baby


Kisses came to us from a friend of mine. She rescued 2 dachshunds from a puppy mill when it was raided. One of them was pregnant and soon gave birth to 3 babies.

My friend gave the puppies to some of her neighbors, thinking they would love them. About 2 months later she saw one of the puppies with scars and wounds and very, very skinny. She got it back and nursed it to health, but could not keep her.

We had just moved to San Antonio – me, my 2 kids, 2 cats and Pebbles, my 11 month old Yorkie Toy Poodle. She brought the puppy – Kisses – over to my house. They got along wonderfully.

Kisses never snarled or growled or showed any type of bad behavior, nothing but love, kisses (hence her name). She never got mad. She was such a cute little love bug.

Kisses was wonderful – the only thing she hated was me cutting her nails! She pulled away when I held her paw. She loved to just lie on my lap and go under the covers!

The only naughty thing she did was knock over the garbage! Also, we learned not to leave food down where she could get it. If you were missing food – she was the culprit!!

My Yorkie poo banged into the dachshund that lived behind us and she became pregnant (too late fixing her!!). When she had her puppies, Kisses was a great aunt! She took care of the puppies more than Pebbles (the yorkie poo). When we got a new kitten, she acted like she was his mother!!

Last spring, Kisses came down with pancreatitis. She would cry if she bumped her toe but this was much worse. We went to the vet and got her medicine (which she didn’t like at all!) She recovered and was doing great.

Last November, she came in screaming!! We thought she broke a leg! It ended up being a disc problem. She went on meds for about 2 months, and she was fine.

Last Saturday, I came home from Weight Watchers and found her and Pebbles in my front yard!!! Someone opened my fence and they got out. Now Kisses was a runner! (even with that dachshund body) but she just stood there, which was strange.

She was shaking. I brought her in the house and she couldn’t stand! She kept flopping over, shaking and stretching her neck. This went on for about an hour!

We went to an emergency vet (ours was closed). When we got there, they said she was having seizures!! They gave her medicines to help her but they didn’t. She would not stop seizing for over 3 hours!!

They said they would have to get a specialist and give her an MRI. Even then, they said they could not guarantee she would get better.

Kisses left us at 3:20. I could barely stand it. I stayed with her until she passed on. My snuggle baby was gone. I still cannot believe it.

Pebbles and Trixie (my chihuahua) are still looking for her. I miss her so very, very much. When I had back surgery, she would lie down with me with her body on the worst part of my back – a living water bottle.

I just hope that she is in Heaven waiting for me.

Kathy Crowe
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