THE BEST of BELGIAN MALINOIS! Incredible COMPILATION & FACTS! The breed with amazing protecting skills, agility and obedience, pretty much resembles of German Shepherd, but it has a recognizable black mask on the face and ears. The very active dog that likes to be in motion, so the perfect owner will be a person who likes it too. The breed is famous for jumping and fast running and presents one of the guardians with who you don’t want to mess, one of the best. Often used as a police and army dog, since they got high intelligence and excellent sense of smell.

Did you ever wonder which dog breed is the highly intelligent mass killer
athletic and exceedingly devoted

Check general information and facts about this breed Malinois or Belgian Shepherd dog and it’s known as the best working dog because of his amazing protecting skills, agility and obedience. This is an enthusiastic and quick dog with the natural tendency
to be in motion.

They love to be occupied with tasks, and that’s very important for their well-balanced energy. The breed is highly intelligent and more than capable of learning the wide range of training commands, but in order to be able to train them effectively you must first
gain their respect

This outgoing dog doesn’t respond well to the negative treatment because of their confidence. Training should begin from a young age, and you will see that he progress much faster than many other breeds of dogs.

Belgian Shepherd pretty much resembles to the German Shepherd but his head is
different clean-cut and strong without heaviness, and it has more elegant and thinner bones. The breed is recognizable by black masks on the face and ears, and their coat colors range from average brown to mahogany.
These dogs are actually just as versatile as the German Shepherd, and in many cases even better fit for certain tasks. It’s a smart, confident and highly active dog, so that means he needs a lot of daily activity beside walks with adequate training and
exercise. This dog can be companion and also working dog. Malinois make great
running, hiking and biking partner for people who love to be active
They are excellent for personal protection, police work, search and rescue
missions. They are usually used in army and police.
With great sense of smell, they can detect explosives and narcotics. These dogs prevented a huge number of terrorist attacks and saved more than thousands of lives. As a good example, is a fact that he is a guardian at the White House.

A Belgian Malinois is also famous for its speed: they darted 30 miles per hour and can subdue intruders with great agility with their razor-sharp teeth.

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